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Buy Steroids in the USA

Steroids in the USA

Anabolic steroids are a very controversial and touchy subject in the USA. As we radiate farther and farther from the United States, the anti-steroid stigma tends to decrease, but ironically, the rates of use and consumption of anabolic steroids remains the highest in the United States. The strict prohibitive laws and negative attitudes towards anabolic steroids are uniquely American, as the very first nation on earth to legislate the prohibition of these drugs was the United States itself in 1990 with the Anabolic Steroid Control Act. In the years following this, other countries followed suit, though their attitudes and treatment of steroid prohibition were much less draconian than the American Anabolic Steroid Control Act. Once again, however, the highest demand for these drugs rests in the United States of America, and the demand to buy steroids in the USA remains as high as ever and only continues to increase.

The question now remains: how does an American, living in a country in which these hormones are a Schedule III drug (where mere possession is a punishable criminal offense), go about buying steroids in the USA? There are a few obvious answers to this question, the most obvious one of which is the illicit and/or illegal back market trade of anabolic steroids. Wherever there are harsh prohibition laws implemented on substances, there will always be a surefire lucrative black market that will move in and develop to cater to the demands for these illicit substances, whatever they may be. In this case, we are concerned with anabolic steroids. Although there are legal means by which one can buy steroids in the USA, the black market trade of either underground origin or pharmaceutical anabolic steroids that are diverted to the black market for resale to athletes, bodybuilders, or anyone who wishes to buy them. The legal means of obtaining anabolic steroids in America is far more difficult due to regulations and requirements to qualify for them, of course. Furthermore, there are often times where legal steroids or legal steroid alternatives can be legally purchased from supplement stores, though these are rare circumstances.

All of these will be covered in detail for those who wish to better understand how to procure steroids in the United States.

Mass-CycleBuying Illegal and Illicit Black Market Steroids

Illegal and black market anabolic steroids are the direct result of the prohibitive laws emplaced upon anabolic steroids and their use. Because of this prohibition, a very lucrative market has opened up that has allowed individuals and groups to seize the opportunity to supply the ever increasing demand for anabolic steroids and related products. The United States is the world’s largest and most demanding consumer of illicit anabolic steroids. These black market products are usually one of two types of products: underground products and pharmaceutical grade products. Underground products (also abbreviated as UGL) are anabolic steroids that are manufactured clandestinely and illicitly in private laboratories, often set up in houses. These laboratories are obviously not established companies or FDA-regulated, and so their products vary in quality and safety, but their price difference is extremely low compared to pharmaceutical products. Black market pharmaceutical products are merely human-grade pharmaceutical medicines that have been diverted for resale on the black market. Often times these products are diverted at the manufacturing level, or merely acquired in countries where prescriptions are not required in order to purchase them. These are human-grade products manufactured by FDA and government approved pharmaceutical companies. The downside to such products is that they are highly counterfeited, and their cost is very high to begin with due to the nature of being a real pharmaceutical product.

The black market in the United States is primarily in this modern day and age, internet-based. The second most common method that individuals use to buy steroids in the USA is through personally known ‘gym dealers’ or ‘gym sources’. However, the overwhelming majority of anabolic steroids are bought and sold through internet-based (international or domestic) sources that frequently offer full product lines and almost every commonly known anabolic steroid (and related drug) available. The prices can vary on this market, depending on whether or not minimum order limits are imposed on the buyer, or whether or not the source is a domestic (within the USA) or international (outside of the USA). Domestic sources tend to be more expensive, while international sources tend to be cheaper.

Buying Legal Steroids in the USA

The other option for those looking to buy steroids in America is through the legitimate and legal means, which are generally more restrictive. As it currently stands, anabolic steroid use for the purpose of performance and physique enhancement is not recognized as a valid use, and in the United States is considered a criminal act (as evidenced by their status as Schedule III drugs). Therefore, it is indeed possible for one to buy steroids in the USA, though there are some strict standards, requirements, and guidelines that must be met.

First and foremost, the acquisition of anabolic steroids (most usually and most frequently, Testosterone) must be through a qualified physician. This doctor must screen the patient and diagnose him or her as possessing a disability, disease, or ailment that necessitates or requires the use of anabolic steroids. At present, the prescription of anabolic steroids is reserved for the purposes of treating: hypogonadism and andropause, wasting disorders and diseases (such as HIV/AIDS), severe burn victims, and a handful of other rarer conditions. Unless an individual has one or more of these conditions, they will not qualify for anabolic steroid therapies. Even in the event that an individual exhibits one or more of these medical conditions, the anabolic steroid dosages utilized in the treatment of these conditions are regarded as being significantly below the dosages that are required for bodybuilding and athletics.

Provided that the individual does have a condition that requires the prescription of anabolic steroids, the physician will issue a prescription for them, which then must be filled at a pharmacy. The possession of anabolic steroids without a doctor’s prescription is considered a punishable criminal offense in the United States.