Sustanon Side Effects Explained

We review the most common and severe Sustanon side effects, how to avoid them and treat them if evident.

Lots of steroids are created from the bottom up. Their bases are made from testosterone. Sustanon is like this, with one exception. It’s a grouping of an array of testosterone esters, rather than just one. These days, you’ll find a couple of versions of this steroid. One is known as Sustanon 250 and the other one is called Sustanon 100.

The 250 version has isocaproate, propionate and phenylproprionate, plus a testosterone ester known as testosterone decanoate, which is slower-acting.

The 100 version of Sustanon is composed of isocaproate, propionate and phenylproprionate.

Now that we know how the two versions differ in terms of their composition, let’s talk about how what they do for human bodies. Sustanon 250 stays in the system for longer. It was made so that users could access a drug which is released in the system at a variety of rates. Sustanon 100 won’t remain in the body for as long…

All steroids with multiple esters do tend to trigger some side effects. Both the 100 and the 250 versions have the capacity to cause side effects.

Today, we’re going to talk about five of these side effects.

1.) “Man Boobs” – Gynecomastia

Lots of steroids may trigger this unwanted cosmetic problem. Man boobs are a common side effect of using anabolic steroids. So, it isn’t just Sustanon that may cause gynecomastia. Gynecomastia happens when male breast tissue swells up. It may occur in a single breast or afflict both of them. Sometimes, it causes uneven “man boobs”.

Most people tackle this side effect issue by adding anti-estogen compounds to their daily regimens. These anti-estrogens cost money and bump up the overall cost of getting the perfect physique or figure. Some people alter dosages of steroids in order to try to stop gynecomastia, but this doesn’t typically work too well.

2.) Bloating

Retaining water is another unfortunate possibility. Sustanon is generally utilized during bulking cycles (times when growth is sought out via diet, supplements or steroids and training). The problem is that a lot of the bulk accessed during a bulking phase is actually water weight. The downside of water weight is that it takes away muscle definition which was created by developing skeletal muscle.

3.) Skin Issues, Body Hair Growth and Hair Loss

If you have a genetic predisposition to acne or male pattern baldness or excess body hair (or all three), you’ll probably find that using the Sustanon steroid causes these issues to get worse. Some people get terrible acne while utilizing steroids. The pimples may even be cystic acne, which tends to be quite painful. Also, excess hair growth on the body is often troublesome to eliminate via shaving, depilatory creams and so on. Hair loss is something that no one really wants, so there isn’t much much to say about that particular side effect.

4.) Women May Notice Masculine Changes

Sustanon isn’t recommend for females, although some may inject it anyway. Women who do use this steroid may be subject to “woman virilization”. When this happens, they will notice masculine body changes. For example, growth of body hair may accelerate to unwanted levels. As well, the voice may grow deeper, the clitoris may enlarge and menstrual cycles may alter radically. In some cases, female virilization may lead to lack of fertility.

5.) Testosterone Production May be Suppressed

When too much testosterone enters the human body, via doses which are supra-physiological, the body adapts by stopping or lowering its natural production of the hormone, testosterone. This makes sense. However, when you stop using Sustanon or another steroid that trigger this same side effect, you will produce little to no testosterone for a while. Your body will need to time to adjust and to increase its own natural production of the hormone.

Some people find that their muscles break down after cycles with Sustanon, because their bodies have stopped making testosterone or make so little of it.

Choose a Legal Steroid Alternative

If you want Sustanon benefits, including muscle mass gains, strength gains and cutting assistance, you should go for a legal steroid substitute instead. You won’t need to inject it, you won’t get the Sustanon side effects and you’ll access a host of steroid-like benefits.