Omnadren is a testosterone blend with a four-part composition and it’s almost exactly the same as Sustanon 250. But what is Omnadren and how is it used for performance enhancement?

While the first version of Omnadren was a bit different, the current version is virtually identical to Sustanon 250. Omnadren is quite versatile, as it offers powerful therapeutic advantages and also provides exceptional performance enhancement.

Created by the Polfa company of Poland, while Poland was ruled by the Soviet Union, this testosterone blend is designed to be used in a dosage of two hundred and fifty milligrams/milliliter, according to the following concentration:

60mg Testosterone Propionate

60mg Testosterone Phenylpropionate

60mg Testosterone Isocaproate

100mg Testosterone Caproate

This combination is the same combination found in Sustanon 250 from Organon, except for the last Caproate ester. Sustanon 250 has the same first trio of testosterone esters in the same quantities. Its last one hundred milligrams is made up of Testosterone Decanoate. However, right now, the mixture from Omnadren has been altered. The Decanoate ester has replaced the Caproate ester. The alteration makes it just the same as Sustanon 250.

At present, the company, Jelfa Pharmaceuticals, owns the brand name, Omnadren. The Jelfa trade name has replaced the Polfa brand name since the Soviet Union fell. It’s now impossible to access the Omnadren mixture which comes with Testosterone Caproate. If you find a version of Omradren which has the ester, Testosterone Caproate, you’ll looking at a counterfeit version.

Omandren For Performance Enhancement

This testosterone blend has four parts and it is designed to offer testosterone advantages which are fast-acting and long-lasting. As with all blends of testosterone, it will offer testosterone therapy which is exogenous. One benefit of Omradren is that it will limit the complete schedule for injection as it also maintains testosterone levels which are stable. By injecting this blend, a person will be able to get help for a low testosterone health issue and only one injection will be required every three to four weeks.

Since most single ester testosterone blends which are standand require single injections every week to two weeks, Omandren does provide users with good efficacy and fewer necessary injections.

Athletes who want better performance via steroids will find that testosterone blends, including Omnadren, offer no real advantages over testosterone forms of the single ester type. Omnadren features four separate forms of testosterone. It’s not more powerful or less powerful than another testosterone hormone. As well, performance athletes will need to do more injections of the hormone on a more frequent basis in order to keep their levels stable and access peak levels of the hormone.

When it comes to treatment of low testosterone, Omradren is very effective. Only exogenous testosterone will help a person with low testosterone. Symptoms of low testosterone include decreased libido, male sexual dysfunction (impotence), weight gain (even when proper diet and exercise are part of a person’s lifestyle), less body strength (even with proper diet and exercise), less muscle mass (even with diet and exercise), sleeplessness, lack of mental clarity, lack of mental focus, depression, a weaker immune system, lethargy and irritability.

Omnadren by Jelfa 250mg/ml

If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms, you should get your testosterone level checked out by your family doctor. If you’re an American and your physician does diagnose you with low testosterone, you won’t be given Omnadren. Omnadren is most utilized within Eastern Europe. In the USA, the pharmaceutical market is dominated by testosterone compounds of the single ester type.

For athletes who are seeking out performance improvements, Omnadren will offer a host of benefits in all areas which impact the treatment of low testosterone. In most cases, athletes are interested in accessing direct effects which are activated by higher levels of testosterone. In settings which are therapeutic, it’s all about trying to get testosterone levels in the typical range. For performance, it’s about elevating these levels. They are meant to go beyond what the body could achieve without an anabolic steroid. Here are some key performance benefits of Omnadren:

Better Synthesis of Protein: The rate of protein synthesis is the rate by which the cells build proteins. Proteins are building blocks of tissue in the muscles.

Improved Retention of Nitrogen: Our muscle tissue is made up of about sixteen percent nitrogen. The more nitrogen we are able to retain, the more anabolic we are. If the body is deficient in nitrogen, we will enter a state whereby we experience muscle wasting. This state is called a catabolic state. It’s the opposite of being in an anabolic state.

More Red Blood Cells: Our red blood cells transport oxygen to the bloodstream and through the blood. When more red blood cells are produced, we experience enhanced oxygenation of our blood. This contributes to improved muscular endurance, in addition to faster, easier recovery after training.

More Output of IGF-1: IGF-1 is Insulin-like Growth Factor. Insulin-like Growth Factor is a powerful peptide hormone which is produced naturally by the human body. It’s very anabolic, it has a range of traits which impact our ability to recover and it has an impact on most cells within our bodies.

Glucocorticoid Hormones Inhibition: These hormones are “stress hormones”. They are perceived as the opposite of steroids of the anabolic type. Stress hormones break down tissue in muscles, promote weight gain and make it harder to improve our bodies.

When we boost our levels of testosterone, we set the stage for an anabolic state which will enhance an assortment of performance goals. Higher levels of testosterone also boost our body’s metabolic rates. While higher levels of testosterone won’t burn away fatty deposits, they will make our metabolisms more efficient. This is helpful during cutting phases, as well as off-season phases.

More Omnadren Effects Information

If you have low testosterone and you utilize Omnadren, your condition will go away. It’s really this simple and straightforward. You had lower-than-normal testosterone levels, you injected this anabolic steroid and now you have good testosterone levels. It does solve the problem of low testosterone effectively. Performance athletes find that Omradren is very versatile. Its effects may be beneficial in a host of important ways. However, overall results from therapy with Omraden, for the purpose of improving athletic performance, will vary based on a person’s training and diet. Diet is probably the most important variable.

Off-season athletes who want lean muscle mass gains tend to appreciate what Omnadren has to offer. When higher testosterone levels are combined with adequate intake of nutritious food, muscle mass gains usually happen quickly. The pace of muscle mass growth is accelerated by the steroid. As well, since this steroid does enhance the metabolic rate, individuals who use it may not gain fat the way that they would without it. It is possible to gain fat while using this testosterone-boosting anabolic steroid. However, it’s fairly easy to control weight gain by making the right dietary choices while higher testosterone levels are present. Also, people who use Omnadren do notice big strength gains.

Now, let’s talk about Omnadren and the cutting phase. Some people believe that this anabolic steroid isn’t really the best choice for cutting cycles. They think so because the hormone aromatizes and this promotes more bloating (water retention). However, as we’ll go into in a bit more detail later on, it’s fairly easy to control water retention side effects. People who do like Omnadren for cutting cycles find that it helps them to slim down, without losing the muscle that they trained so hard to gain. Higher testosterone levels do protect lean muscle mass. They also ensure that fat is burned at a rate that is more efficient, versus normal testosterone levels. So, there are some great reasons to use this anabolic steroid during cutting.

No matter who you are or why you’ve chosen to experiment with Omnadren, you’ll find that this steroid helps with recovery and also gives you more muscular endurance. Everyone who uses Omnadren accesses this important benefit. It’s one primary reason why athletes believe in and utilize this anabolic steroid. People may not be interested in adding a great deal of size. They won’t add a great deal of size unless they take in a high number of calories. However, they’ll still access the other performance-related benefits of Omnadren, as well as strength gains. This steroid is a trusted choice for reliable performance enhancement.