What You Need to Know about Estrogen and Gynecomastia

If you suffer from “man boobs”, you likely have the health condition which is known as Gynecomastia. We discuss how to prevent and treat this steroid side effect.

This condition causes the “breast” tissue of males to swell and it’s triggered by hormone imbalances. Sometimes, one “breast” will be larger than the other. This condition may afflict males of all ages, from infants to boys to grown men.

While some other triggers are also possible, such as Hyperthyroidism and tumors, the most common reason for this unwanted and embarrassing condition is definitely hormone imbalance. Generally, excess estrogen is to blame…decreased production of testosterone may also play a role, whilst human growth hormone and prolactin can also be culprits.

gyno 2Estrogen is a hormone which is linked with female characteristics. When estrogen activity rises in males, breast tissue may swell, giving the appearance of female breasts.

Sometimes, the disorder resolves itself – at other times, help is needed in order to balance hormones and reduce swelling. Surgery may also be utilized in order to restore a more traditionally masculine appearance.

Anabolic Steroids May Trigger Gynecomastia

Men who use anabolic androgenic steroids may be prone to developing Gynecomastia, as usage of these steroids tends to trigger hormone imbalances. Conversely, women who utilize anabolic steroids may develop male characteristics, including deeper, more masculine speaking voices.

To combat the development of “man boobs” due to steroids, many men add drugs to their regimens which are designed to block estrogen’s ability to bind to receptors. Common choices which help to prevent Gynecomastia include Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators, which are known as SERMs. Examples of these are Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolvadex) and Clomid. Aromatase inhibitors are also estrogen receptor antagonists. Examples of these are Anastrozole and Letrozeole (Femera).

Signs that Gynecomastia is occurring include tenderness in the chest area and sensitive nipples. Most steroid users who are male try to prevent these symptoms from occurring in the first place. It’s easier to prevent this condition than to reverse it once it’s already present.

Basically, estrogen blockers are often necessary for preventative purposes and there are plenty of these out there.

Nolvadex can be used “on cycle” at 10mg every day, or Aromasin (Exemestane) could be used as well to lower circulating levels of estrogen at 10mg every day.

Research Steroid Pros and Cons

As you probably already know, there is a downside to taking steroids. It’s important to research anabolic steroids in great depth before making the decision to use them.

Aside from Gynecomastia, anabolic steroids may trigger other side effects, such as liver problems. Anabolic steroids of even the mildest varieties do have a tendency to be toxic to the liver. However, some anabolic steroids, such as Anavar, are known to be milder and safer in terms of how they affect the human body. So, you may want to think about using Anavar, versus anabolic steroids which cause harsher side effects.

However, no matter which steroid formula you choose, you should accept that it may trigger estrogen/testosterone imbalances…and these may cause “man boobs”.

Choosing a preventive formula (an estrogen blocker) and taking it while you use Anavar, or another anabolic steroid, will be the key to preventing swollen breast tissue.

Hopefully, this quick guide to the link between estrogen and Gynecomastia has given you all of the hard facts that you need. Our goal is to educate you, particularly about the connection between anabolic steroids and the development of “man boobs”. While swollen breast tissue isn’t the end of the world, it’s a real worry for most men. After all, when guys take steroids, they usually do it in order to build muscle mass and create the most aesthetically pleasing physiques. Man boobs rob men of enjoying the benefits of anabolic steroids.

Luckily, there are ways to prevent swollen breast tissue which is related to estrogen/testosterone imbalances. Estrogen blockers will prevent estrogen from triggering this health disorder. So, we do recommend that you find a highly-rated estrogen blocker.