What Are The Effects of Sustanon?

Sustanon is a blend of four testosterone esters all released at varying times. We take a look at the effects of Sustanon 250, both positive and negative.

Sustanon 250 contains a parent hormone called testosterone. In effect, Sustanon 250 is a long acting version of testosterone. One of the benefits of this supplement is that the effects are quick to show themselves. Within the first week of taking, you will notice an increase in your libido. Other than that, it will take four or five weeks for the plasma levels of testosterone to fully kick in.

sustanon-250-250mg-ampMales already have levels of testosterone in their body. Sustanon 250 just simply increases the levels and forces them to circulate due to being administered. It can be a bit complicated to get just the right mixture of Sustanon 250 but, it is quite possible to do. Many people think that the steroid needs to be injected frequently because of the short life of the propionate it contains. The propionate lasts about 2 or 3 days before it begins tapering off. Many people give the advice that this needs to be injected every other day but, the propionate holds enough to actually last longer. It holds 30mg and another active ingredient, Phenylpropionate holds 60mg. The Phenylpropionate lasts for at least 5 or 6 days. With these lasting effects, it is ok to administer the Sustanon 250 only twice a week, especially for beginners or those who seem to have a sensitivity.

In the beginning, it was thought that it would only need to be injected every three to four weeks. After several trials and a bit of studying, it was determined that this was not the case. With these doses, the total levels of testosterone spiked and then plummeted rather than leveling out and staying stable. This resulted in up and down sex drive and energy levels. Basically, bodybuilders and athletes should use this compound at least twice a week when looking to enhance performance.

With the use of Sustanon, it can be a bit harder to attain good, stable plasma levels of testosterone, when compared to some other mixtures. Many report holding less water retention with the use of Sustanon in comparison to other mixtures. There are also reports of sex drive rising quickly. Another benefit is that there are far less reports of acne and other side effects along those lines.

Overall, Sustanon 250 proves to be a good compound to start your journey with steroids. As with anything of this nature, it is important to take precautions and not abuse the use of it. Doing so can result in unwanted side effects that can bring on long term damage. The use of Sustanon will result in good, hard muscle mass gain, all the while cutting body fat. It is equally as important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen in order to obtained your desired results. The use of Sustanon 250 alone will not bring about the type of changes you are looking to attain. It is also suggested to do your research when it comes to adding any type of supplement or steroid version to your daily routine.