How Come Steroids Aren’t Legal?

If you’re considering a cycle of steroids in order to gain muscle mass, you need to know the law inside and out. We want to help, so we’re going to share a lot of facts which arm you with knowledge.

United Kingdom Laws are Strict

In the United Kingdom, steroids are classified as Class C drugs. This means that they may only be sold via medical pros and that they require a physician’s prescription. At present, it’s legal to have and import them, but only for personal usage. As well, you should know that importing needs to be done “in person”. You can’t import them via a courier or postal service. If you have steroids or are importing them with the intention of supplying them to other people (for free or for money), you may be subject to a fine which is at the discretion of the courts. You may also be in line for a very long prison sentence of up to fourteen years. Lastly, you can’t make your own steroids. It’s against UK law to manufacture them.

We aren’t just talking about HGH (Human Growth Hormone). We’re talking about all the steroids available today, including Trenbolone, Winstrol and Anavar. These steroids are typically accessed pretty easily via underground labs. They are black market steroids.

American Laws Are Even Stricter

In the USA, tighter laws are in place. It’s a lot like the United Kingdom, but stricter. Possession is not legal in the USA, even for personal usage. Possession may lead to a twelve-month stint in jail and a fine of one thousand bucks or more (for a first-time offender).

Now, you know the rules for the UK and America. These rules are laws and it’s really important to understand them. Let’s move on by discussing the health risks of these substances.

Laws Are Meant to Protect People

Nations put these laws in place in order to keep citizens safe. Some steroids cause some pretty nasty side effects. For example, they may trigger man-boobs (breast tissue which is unwanted) or cause hearts to enlarge.

As well, these substances may trigger psychological changes which are negative. Have you ever heard of “roid rage”. It’s often very real!

This is why steroids aren’t legal. They come with risks and governments make sure that they aren’t easy to get. Steroid abuse means more trips to hospitals and clinics. It drives up the cost of health care, in the UK and elsewhere.

However, the prizes offered at bodybuilding competitions and other professional sports events are sky-high. They tempt athletes to risk it all for the sake of victory. This is why people keep using steroids, even though they are knowingly going against the laws of their countries.

There are no signs that steroid laws will loosen up in the future. People who use them need to know the laws and understand the consequences of breaking them. It’s important to know the health risks of specific steroids also. Always understand what you may be putting into your body.