Aromasin Side Effects

Aromasin is an aromatase inhibitor, just as Letrozole and Arimidex are. A lot of people who utilize this aromatase inhibitor experience weakness and fatigue. However, those who utilize Aromasin alongside anabolic steroids do not typically experience weakness and/or fatigue. Exceptions would be steroid users who are in the middle of intense cutting cycles, which may happen in preparation for bodybuilding competitions.

There are bodybuilders in these intense cutting cycles who feel lethargic. Some of the lethargy may be a side effect of using Aromasin. However, people who embark on hash cutting phases tend to restrict calories severely and do a great deal of cardio exercise. Therefore, strict diets and heavy exercise may be part of the reason why they feel lethargic.

Overall, this medication, which provides anti-estrogenic benefits, tends to trigger weakness, fatigue, hot flashes, headaches, joint pain, high blood pressure, depression (this is relatively rare) and nausea (accompanied by vomiting or by itself).

This AI may also decrease the quantity of mineral in bones. This may set the stage for osteoporosis. However, steroid users who are considering Aromasin should know that a lot of steroids do boost the mineral content in bones and this property of anabolic steroids may balance out or eliminate the risk of weakened bones.

Aromasin (Exemestane) Pfizer

Most symptoms related to usage of Aromasin are response-related. This means that some people react well to the medication, while others don’t. Those who don’t react well will be more likely to suffer from side effects. Response-related side effects are commonplace with every type of drug, so Aromasin certainly isn’t the only one that brings this type of risk.

Also, there is a connection between Aromasin and cholesterol. Aromasin, along with other aromatase inhibitors, has the capacity to impact cholesterol levels for the worse. On its own, it doesn’t seem to bring significant risk in terms of cholesterol levels. However, when it is used alongside steroids, the risk may become a lot greater. This is cause for concern. Steroid users are already putting themselves at risk for cholesterol problems, just be relying on anabolic steroids. They tend to impact cholesterol levels in a negative way. When Aromasin is also used, the risk will become bigger.

Unfortunately, steroid users aren’t often informed about the cholesterol-related risks of steroids and Aromasin. Most steroid users focus on other side effects and worry about them instead, such as pimples, the risk of hair loss or bloating (excess water retention). These side effects are not are serious as cholesterol-related side effects. It is possible to use steroids alongside Aromasin and enjoy normal cholesterol levels which are healthy. However, it is important to understand the risks.

When considering hard facts, we notice that testosterone usage of the therapeutic type (such as for treatment of testosterone which is low) doesn’t tend to negatively impact cholesterol levels. Nonetheless, the same information demonstrates that combination therapy with Aromasin and testosterone may decrease or suppress cholesterol by up to one quarter.

As well, there are “performance doses”, which may affect HDL cholesterol levels in a moderate way. When Aromasin is used, along with performance doses, the risk of cholesterol problems rises.

Since the cholesterol risks are significant, people should utilize AIs, such as Aromasin, only when they need to. It’s not smart to depend on these drugs too much when they are used to minimize or eliminate steroid side effects which are estrogenic. There is the possibility of avoiding side effects which are estrogenic without relying on AIs.

SERMs are another option. This class of medications won’t inhibit aromatization or decrease levels of serum estrogen. However, SERMs will bind to those receptors and stop estrogen from attaching. This will dramatically decrease the odds of gynecomastia symptoms. Also, it may ease or prevent water retention. Some men don’t get sufficient anti-estrogenic benefits from SERMs. Every man is different.

One tip for men is to ease water retention symptoms via careful diets which don’t feature excess calories. It’s true that calories (energy) are needed for growth. However, when there is an excess of calories, there is a higher risk of water retention. In particular, diets which are heavy on carbs contribute to water retention issues. This happens whether or not anabolic steroids are used.

If a person is taking in a lot of calories and also uses an aromatizing steroid, water retention issues may get worse. Usually, a slight increase in calories is enough to promote growth, so pay attention to caloric intake. A moderate increase in calories may be enough to help you put on muscle, without the water retention side effects.

SERMs definitely provide a good level of protection against steroid symptoms. However, some people require AIs in order to access an adequate level of protection from steroid side effects. For example, people who are doing “hardcore” cycles may rely on AIs, as they need more assistance due to the intensity of their bodybuilding cycles. Those who choose anabolic steroid cycles which are moderate (this is the case with most users of steroids) will probably find that a small amount ot Aromasin or other AI is more than enough.

How to Administer Aromasin

For breast cancer treatment, this drug is typically prescribed when treatment with Nolvadex doesn’t produce good outcomes. For example, a breast cancer patient may use Nolvadex for two to three years and then be put on Aromasin. Usually, a dosage of twenty-five milligrams per day will be prescribed. This dosage will be taken daily for another two to three years. It will be stopped when the progress of the cancer has stopped. After treatment with Aromasin cases, Nolvadex will be prescribed again, in order to help prevent a recurrence of cancer. This treatment plan has helped many women to overcome breast cancer.

For performance purposes, typical doses of Aromasin will be twelve and a half to twenty-five milligrams, every other day. Most people do fine with the lower dose. Some take their doses less frequently, such as two or three times per week, and do fine with that dosage frequency. How a person tolerates the drug regimen and the type of steroid cycle being used will play a role in how good results are. Some people need to take as much as twenty-five milligrams per day. They may take this higher dosage for a shorter period of time. This is good as there are risks related to cholesterol.

A higher dosage is typically very beneficial for a bodybuilder who is planning to compete one week to two weeks in the future. The bodybuilder will start the cycle in advance, one or two weeks beforehand, in order to get the desired look on competition day. A dose this large should never be administered over a long time frame.

Aromasin Availibility

This drug is available via prescription. It’s also found in the black market. Counterfeits aren’t a big issue for this particular medication. Some other AIs are easier to find on the black market. Examples include Letrozole and Arimidex. Most people who use Aromasin use the tablet form of the drug, which is called Exemestane.

It is possible to find Aromasin via the Web and order your own supply online. You will need a prescription in order to obtain it legally in America.