Anavar (Oxandrolone) Side Effects

Anavar is known as one of the most mild anabolic steroids in existence. But its negative effects on the liver and cholesterol are not mentioned much. We take a look at the damage using Anavar can do.

Anavar (Oxandrolone) is one of the mildest, safe and well tolerated anabolic steroids available. Often referred to as Anavar, users often report very mild or no side effects at all. An anabolic steroid almost unmatched in being gentle and not exerting the more common side effects with anabolic steroid use, it’s an excellent androgen to use when cutting and can be used during bulking phases for quality muscle mass when used at the correct dose. If you’re solely looking for a safe steroid to use, which does not cause common side effects, such as, gynecomastia and acne, then look no further than Oxandrolone. The general incidences of Anavar side effects occurring are due to a number of factors. These include but are not limited to; genetic response, gender, age, past anabolic steroid experience, dose, duration, lifestyle, diet, use of drugs that control side effects and whether or no Oxandrolone is used alone of combined with other steroids. I’m afraid there is no uniform list when it comes to steroid use, some will experience side effects at low doses, others will tolerate high doses far better than others. To know how and why we may experience certain side effects as the user and for a better understanding of Oxanrolone side effects, we simply need to use it and see what happens. However, what we can do is understand which side effects will occur and which wont due to the behaviour of Anavar and how it interacts chemically and biologically. Below are some examples of the most common Var side effects and how best to avoid them and treat them if they became evident.

mbp-anavarWhat Anavar Side Effects Can I Experience?

We know that Oxandrolone is a DHT based anabolic steroid. This means that we may experience side effects associated with the increase of DHT. DHT is a potent regulator of estrogen, so if the user was combining the Oxandrolone cycle with a compound that aromatases, he/she may be able to use a lower dose of their chosen Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) due to this. All DHT’s possess this ability. It should, though, be noted that Anavar, as well as all DHT, should not replace an AI, but may influence the AI dose used. One of the most common side effects when DHT’s are used is the fact it can cause and increase the chances of experiencing acne. Acne is when androgen production increases and stimulates sebaceous glands, causing them to enlarge and secrete more oil. This, inflammation and increase in use causes acne in both males and females. Acne usually appears on the oiliest areas of the body, such as back, face and chest area, but can also spread to upper arms.

Other common side effects linked to DHT, or Oxandrolone use, are male pattern baldness (MPB). This occurs because DHT has a negative impact on your hair follicles (head). It should be noted that Anavar will not be the sole cause of MPB, but it will accelerate what is going to happen when the user ages. What does that mean? Well, it means if you experience hair loss from steroids or DHT derived steroids it’s because you’re going to lose your hair but steroids will speed the process. It is hard to avoid hair loss on steroids, although some drugs will slow the process. Finastride which is a 5-AR inhibitor will offer protection. These compounds are very suppressive to endogenous testosterone when used “off cycle” and also estrogen thus increasing the risk of getting gynecomastia so one has to ask is it really worth it? For many it is, for some it isn’t and avoiding DHT and limiting total Testosterone use will help greatly.

Although DHT can offer protection against estrogen for example and it also lowers sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) making your cycle more effective, its negative effects don’t end at it causing MPB. DHT is also responsible for cell changes in the prostate. Its causes cell differentiation and proliferation in the prostate thus causing irritability – mainly enlargement. If prostate enlargement occurs, stop the use of DHT immediately due to it being hard to control and the onset of serious permanent side effects linked to prostate enlargement. Steroid users should avoid DHT’s I reference to prostate issues if they continue to use anabolic steroids understanding the risks with an enlarged prostate. Larger doses will mean more rapid problems and using Oxandrolone for an extended period of time with no break in duration will also mean further complications.

Still staying with Anavar side effects in males, there are unfortunately more to state. Oxandrlone is an orally active anabolic steroid, meaning it can survive the “first pass” of liver metabolism. It does this due to being a 17-alpha alkylated anabolic steroid, which is in the same class as Winstrol (Stanozolol) and Dianabol. These compounds will cause the liver added stress and push ALT and AST liver values up. Avoiding alcohol will help negate this side effect and also maintaining a healthy diet with regular exercise. Lipid profile impairment is probably the single most common side effects in Oxandrolone users. Anavar can cause LDL to increase and HDL to lower, obviously we want a 1:1 ratio of both so Oxandrolone does us no favours at all. Foods such as, Omega 3, CQ10, a clean diet and a regular cardiovascular programme will aid in keeping cholesterol correct and in range and also blood pressure controlled.

Anavar Side Effects in Women

Var is favoured by females due to its mild side effects and notable increases in muscle mass and evident reductions in body fat. Compared to other anabolic steroids and in the same category as Primobolan, Oxandrolone is probably the safest compound for women to run. Also being an oral preparation with a short half-life, if complications arise, it can be completely cut out and its effects non-existent in a matter of days. Even Primobolan Enanthate can’t claim this quality due to it being effective over a period of 10-14 days as it’s attached to the ester – Enanthate. So Oxandrolone can enter and exit the body in a rapid fashion which poses many benefits. Oxandrolone will not cause the dreaded and often permanent side effects linked to other more powerful anabolic steroids which is virilisation. This involves the development of male secondary sexual characteristics. In more detail, this is when side effects, such as, the deepening of vocal chords, hair loss and hair growth in male areas, acne and enlargement of sex organs can occur when doses are increased too rapidly or simply too much is used. Oxandrolone will also cause side effects such as lipid profile impairment, hepatoxicity, increased blood pressure and possibly aggression in some. If Anavar side effects arise, lower the dose or stop use, it’s that simple.